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Global Geopolitical Outlook: Consensus Over-estimating Political Risks (Lausanne)

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CFA CE Event is hosted by Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

​In his 2016 CFA presentation in Zurich, Christian Takushi stated "Europe cannot be understood without the global forces assailing and shaping it. Where others see the revival of nationalism ushering the impending demise of the EU and Euro, we see a transition to yet more integration and power concentration." 

Christian Takushi maintains that fears about political risks in the USA and the EU are overstated and consensus is underestimating the aftermath of the US-Iran Deal, the multiple growing war risks, and the potential acceleration of events in the Middle East.

In June 2017 the Arab world will remember the 50th anniversary of the catastrophic 6 Day War and a few months later the 100th anniversary of the Fall of Jerusalem to the West, which ended 673 years of Muslim occupation and ushered the end of the last Great Caliphate. Rising Islamic powers want to reassert influence over Jerusalem and Europe. Although not a main scenario yet, Christian is monitoring the growing probability that a staged conflict could help usher a Peace Treaty, which in turn may lead to a bigger war.

However, western experts continue to see the world with linear-logical glasses, disregarding Oriental circular ways of thinking. An unprepared Europe is vulnerable to a war or shutdown of trade routes in the Middle East. 

​In this interactive presentation,

  • Christian to focus on geopolitical-political processes that are being misjudged by consensus, which could affect key economies and financial markets. 
  • Ignore conspiracy theories and base our analysis on the fact that all nations pursue their national interests by all means available to them.
  • eligion is probably the most underestimated Geopolitical Factor of our time

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13/06/2017 12:15

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13/06/2017 13:45





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Hôtel Alpha-Palmiers

Rue du Petit-Chêne 34 Lausanne​


​Speaker: Christian Takushi, Chairman, Geopolitical Economics AG

Christian Takushi is a Macro Economist with 27 years experience in Research, Portfolio Management and Strategy focused on the Far East, Emerging Markets & Geopolitics.  He began as a Macroeconomic Analyst at ZKB Research in 1989 and joined Credit Suisse Group in 1993 as Portfolio Manager where he convinced Leu's management to invest in emerging markets, building the research & investment teams in Hong Kong and Singapore. Christian joined Swisscanto Asset Management in 1998 as Director where he continued to manage Emerging Asia & Japanese equities for 14 years, co-shaped Strategy and lectured at Swiss Banking Formation Centers. In 2012 he joined the Emerging Markets unit at BCV in Lausanne, supporting the global investment strategy. In 2015 he led the formation of Geopolitical Economics AG (GEAG), an independent research boutique that analyses global Geopolitical Trends that are being underestimated by consensus, but could impact key economies and financial markets. He gives strategic advice to institutional investors and decision makers. Family offices, banks, hedge funds and industrial groups are following GEAG's research.  Christian is an active speaker & lecturer at numerous events and seminars in Switzerland-Germany-Austria and was also interviewed on Bloomberg TV and Swiss TV numerous times. He was born in Peru in 1966 and completed the German Abitur in Natural Sciences, became a Physics-Laboratory Technician (Bachelor from Middendorf Technical School) and later achieved a Master in Macro Economics at the Institute of Economic Empirical Research of Zurich University. An active member of the CFA Institute, he is engaged in Ethics & Integrity issues    

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