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Building a Career in Investing the Right Way (Geneva)

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When it comes to investing, and teaching about investing, many practitioners seek to address and educate on the specific challenges of managing wealth; or how to outperform; or which approaches to investing, strategy, analysis and portfolio composition are the right ones to deliver success.

The premise of this talk is that actually, all of these things, while being important, can only flow if one gets the meta environment right.  Constructing a successful career with a good track-record is something that begins well before one gets to the office, and involves far more than simply selecting the right strategy in the right portfolio and with the right investments.

It starts with the environment that we create, the people we choose to associate with, the way that we talk about ourselves and our investments and well beyond.  In other words, it's an all-encompassing quest – that cannot be confined to the 9-5 of the working day.

Guy Spier will share his successes, but also his mistakes and misjudgments in his work to create life-long career success in the investment business.  Participants should come away with a better sense of the levers that they can pull in their own lives to create better conditions for success.

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25/10/2017 12:15

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25/10/2017 13:45





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​Warwick Hotel,

14 rue de Lausanne, Geneva


Speaker Guy Spier is a Zurich-based investor and the author of The Education of a Value Investor. Since 1997, he has managed Aquamarine's privately offered investment funds.  Guy previously worked as an investment banker in new York and as a management consultant in London and Paris.

He has an MBA from the Harvard Business School, class of 1993, and holds a First Classdegree in Politicas, Philosphy and Economics from Oxford University.  On graduating from Oxford, he was co-awarded the George Webb Medley prize for the best performance that year in economics.

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