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Cryptocurrencies (Lausanne)

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CFA CE Event is hosted by Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

No other emerging technology has generated as much attention as Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain infrastructure in the world.  Especially after the astonishing bull market (bubble?) in Bitcoins after the Fork.

​Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, its market capitalization has reached an unprecedented price level and even surpassed the gold.  Although Bitcoin has reached a significant momentum in the global market, the fundamentals for a widespread adoption are still lacking.  The next logical question would be if Bitcoin or cryptocurriences in general can be treated as an asset class, on par with commodities, stocks or real-estate.

Our speaker, Frederik Gregaard will introduce the concept of cryptocurrency within the context of supply and demand mechanism which cannot be influenced by a central authority.

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25/09/2017 12:15

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25/09/2017 13:45





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​Hôtel Alpha-Palmiers

Rue du Petit-Chêne 34, Lausanne


Speaker: Frederik Gregaard, Head of Digital Financial Services, PwC Switzerland, has more than 13 years experience in banking: - Digital Transformation, External Asset management front facing applications and support applications, CRM & Data Analytics, Change Management, Sales Management, Innovation and Business Case Development, Performance Metrics Definitions and Implementation, Trading and Trading Infrastructure, Foreign Exchange Execution and Infrastructure, API and Cross connectivity, High Frequency Trading, Algo Trading, DMA pools, OTC trading, Trade Settlement, Give Ups, Best Execution.  Frederik is a mentor and driver in the F10 fintech incubator and mentor in Fusion.  He has worked with a large number of Fintech companies both in Switzerland and internationally, mostly covering DLT, Robo Advisors, Asset Allocation and KYC automatisation. Frederik’s recent projects include the introduction of Bitcoin in a Swiss private bank, supporting another private bank in the adoption of Blockchain and helping an upcoming cryptocurrency broker to procure their Swiss Financial Licence

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