Nearly Half of Investment Professionals Expect Their Roles to Substantially Change within the Next Decade

CFA Institute Report Identifies Skills Needed for Career Success against Backdrop of Disruption

Investment Professional of the Future, a new report by CFA Institute, explores how investment industry roles, skills and organizational cultures are evolving in the face of disruption.

Survey responses from more than 3,800 CFA Institute members and candidates globally reveal that 48% expect their role to be significantly different or nonexistent within five to ten years. Among financial advisers, the rate is 58%. Developing new skills will be essential to be competitive; investment professionals must adapt, or risk obsolescence.

The report is the third installment in a series that examines the future of the investment industry, and the implications for firms and for those working in the industry.

Paul Smith, CFA, president and CEO of CFA Institute said: “In a disruptive and complex environment, knowledge decays more quickly and skills must be deepened. The ability to see opportunity in disruption is vital for today’s investment professionals. This report offers valuable insight into how employees and employers in the industry can adapt and thrive”.

To help investment professionals think about their career adaptability, CFA Institute has created an online assessment tool. This short questionnaire allows them to see where they stand relative to other CFA Institute members and candidates globally.

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